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The non-profit San Francisco Tavern Pool League is dedicated to promoting the sport of amateur pool in San Francisco.

Our organization is run by an elected Board of Directors whose members are passionate about pool, and about building and fostering community. View our brochure pdf icon to learn more about us.

Fall 2014 Playoffs!

Week 10 final stats are now up on the standings page, along with Round 2, Week 2 playoff match-ups.

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Stats Archived

Ever wonder what your final win-loss was for Fall of 2007? Spring of 2011? Well... now you can find out! The week 10 final stats for every season from Fall 2002 are on the standing page!

Check out the links on the bottom of the Standings page!

Congrats Spring 2014


Master's Cup | President's Cup
Player's Cup | Challenger's Cup

Master's Cup

Ray's Hearth
13-8 over Canchola's

Player's Cup

13-11 over Slate

President's Cup

Napper Tandy
13-12 over Bacchus Kirk

Challenger's Cup

Dolores Corner
13-8 over Connection #2

It's pool time!